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2012: Success Symposium

Success Symposium for Health Professionals

“Ideas, Innovation and Inspiration for today’s successful health professional”

The first event of its kind ever to be held in Australia.

Connecting health professionals with members of the finance, fit-out, legal, and dental equipment professions. All your start up questions answered, all in one day, all under one roof.

  • Create your own Practice “blueprint for success”
  • Thinking of starting your own practice but not sure where to start?
  • How to make the patient LOVE you — its not just what to do, its not just what to say, it is about how to say it
  • The 7 Deadly Sins of Disastrous Dentists
  • The Secrets of Successful Dentists
  • “Its all about the books”
  • “Financing your dental dream”
  • “Fit-out — where do I start?”
  • “What equipment do I buy?”
  • “What do I order and how much do I need?”
About our speaker: Dr. Jeffrey Kho

Jeffrey Kho is regarded as one of Australia’s most successful young health professionals. By the age of 27 he had co-founded two successful dental clinics in Brisbane, employing four health professionals and numerous staff members. He is a leading provider of Mini Dental Implants and also lectures on their use. His interests lie in cosmetic, orthodontic and implant dentistry, but he is most passionate about starting up practice and creating patients who love you.


“We enjoyed every minute of the day. The topics that you have approached were top quality – starting up practice and how to make your patients love you! Everything was very well organized, well executed and enjoyable! We are impressed with your professionalism, creativity and willingness to help us to become better professionals!”

Drs Paula Fonseca & Richardi Niccoli
General Dentists – Bundaberg

“It is refreshing to attend a practice management seminar with real, practical information being given by genuine presenters, rather than a shallow sales pitch. Dr Kho’s enthusiasm, experience and knowledge helps bring together a group of professionals from a wide range of expertise into a cohesive, comprehensive and exciting event.”

Dr Steven Kazoullis – Paedodontist, Brisbane

“Jeff is one of the most enthusiastic, energetic people I have had the pleasure to know. He pours all of this passion into the business of dentistry and the results speak for themselves”

Michael Mandikos, Prosthodontist, Brisbane.

“If you want to learn how to grow your practice from someone with real-world experience and hear a speaker who is engaging, interesting and funny, you don’t want to miss this program!”

Ken Warren, Past-President, Qld Chapter of the National Speakers Association of Australia.